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It is the English used in the professional environment in which speakers learn the language using different contexts in distinct professional fields.
World Communications classes are taught in your office or home at your convenience by highly trained professionals who will ensure the success of a course, tailored to fit your needs.
The time will depend on the number of hours per week you schedule. The more hours of study per week, the faster the progress.
Assurance is given in the form of a completely customized class with an instructor in charge of facilitating the learning you require.
Our target audience are members of the professional sector interested in a career development, regardless of whether he or she belongs to a large corporation or not.
We can provide you an assessment, both written and oral, after which we will present you a detailed report of your knowledge and scope, together with a proposal of what courses would be the most beneficial according to your level and needs.
As with any learning process, languages require time. However, there are various options to accelerate this process, from taking classes every day to immersion courses (see the corresponding section).
Yes. We have a large staff of teachers of different nationalities with relevant experience as teachers. Depending on your level and needs, we will recommend the teacher that best suits your requirement.
Our biggest piece of evidence is our 25 consecutive years in the market, the over 100 companies in different industries we have had as clients, and the over 1000 students who have used our services with satisfaction.
Contact us or register in our Contact Us section and a corporate consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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